Mr. Mohammad Harbawi


Mr. Mohammad Harbawi

Teaching Staff. Instructor, Hebron University


A university lecture, holding two master degrees in historical administration  and international business and finance, assigned  as the head of business department & public administration positions for  five years since 2017 until now, ongoing personality, willing to corporate and improve work.

Participated in many  conferences and workshop specially in the areas of small business and entrepreneurship.

Office No.
+972 (2) 2220995 ex: 00972220995 ex 156
Hebron University, P.O.Box: 40, Hebron, West-Bank, Palestine.



Bachelor in Contemporary Business Administration –Palatine

Polytechnic University (PPU) -2003.

Master Degree in Administrational History, Abertay University -

Dundee UK 2004.

Master Degree in International Business and finance, Dundee

University-Dundee (Scotland) UK 2009 


Academic and Administrative Experience


Working at Hebron University as a lecturer in business management since 09/01/2011.

Hebron university- head of the business management department since 28/8/2017 until now.

Hebron University- acting dean of college of finance and management, since 06/05/2018 until 12/07/2018 




Research Interests


Internationalization of SME’s: Antecedents in the ICT sector in the Palestinian Territories


Research and Academic visits


Laboratoire de Recherche Sociétés et Humanités (LaRSH)

Département Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Sciences de la Société (CRISS)

Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France


Professional Memberships


 Member of Hebron chamber of commerce- business incubator representing Hebron University 


Scientific Awards