Teaching staff. Assistant Prof., Hebron University


Dr. Sabri Saghir

Biography and research interest:

Dr. Sabri Saghir (55y) is an assistant professor in the field of food and nutrition sciences at Hebron University. In 1989 he had gotten his BSc degree from Baghdad University / College of Agriculture in the field of Food Technology. In 1996 he received a DAAD scholarship to complete his MSc study in food science at Gottingen University / Germany. Afterward, in 2002 he got a scholarship from OeAD-Austria to continue his Ph.D. study in the field of nutritional sciences at Vienna University, faculty of natural sciences.  After his return to Hebron University in 2005, he worked as a lecturer for several courses in food and nutrition sciences. Two years later, he became the head of the nutrition and food technology department. 2011 he came to be the dean of the faculty of agriculture for four years. He did several types of research in improving food chain supply by enhancing the nutritional value of some local foods.

Office No.
+972 (2) 2220995 ex: 02-2220995/160
Hebron University, P.O.Box: 40, Hebron, West-Bank, Palestine.
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2002 - 2005 Doctorate Studies (PhD) 

 Department of Nutritional Sciences

 Vienna University – Austria

    Thesis Title: Influence of Different Thermal Treatments on Lipid Quality of Different Meat Kinds.

1996 – 1998 Master Degree (MSc)

 Institute of Agricultural engineering

 Göttingen University – Germany.

     Thesis title: Microwave, Convective, and Combined Drying of Carrots and Apples – Studies on Drying Behavior and Quality Aspects.

 1985 - 1989 Bachelor Degree

 Department of Food Technology - College of Agriculture 

 Baghdad University – Iraq

Academic and Administrative Experience

  • Dean  / College of Agriculture   2018  to present  -   
  • Head / Department of Nutrition and Food Technology 2007 -  2020
  • Dean / College of Agriculture - Hebron University.  2011 – 2014 
  • Executive Manager of the Updating Project of the Department of Nutrition and Food Technology.  June 2008 - June 2010.
  • Teaching and Research Assistant, 1998-2002
  • Supervisor of the Food Analysis Laboratory 1990-1997 
  • Director / Dairy Plant, 1989-1990 //  Arabic Development Society / Jericho – West Bank / Palestine. 


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Research Interests

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals 

Nutritional status of the community population 

Improvement of some food composition to a healthier diet.

Food security and scarcity.

Courses Taught

Diet Therapy

Human nutrition

Sport nutrition

Food Chemistry

Nutrition during Life cycle

Processing of bread and pastries 

Professional Memberships

·         First elected President of Palestinian Food and Nutrition Association 2012

·         Member of the general assembly  of the University Graduate Union (UGU)

·         Member of the general assembly  of the Patient's Friends Association (Hebron)

·         Member of the general assembly  of the Palestine Red Crescent Society

Courses Schedule

# Course No. Course Name Class No. Room Time
1 54325 Diet Therapy (1) 1 0000 (15:50-14:30) الSun,الMon,الTue,الWed
2 M1243 Medical Nutrition 1 E213 (09:50-09:00) الSun,الMon,الTue,الWed
3 M1243 Medical Nutrition 2 E213 (10:50-10:00) الSun,الMon,الTue,الWed