Dr. Fahed Takrori


Dr. Fahed Takrori

Teaching staff . Associate Prof, Hebron University


Dr. Fahed M. Takrori got his B.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Jordan and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the field of polymer chemistry from Middle East Technical University/Turkey. He jointed chemistry department at Hebron University as Assist. Prof. in 1992 and was promoted as Assoc. Prof. in 2018. During his work he was appointed acting Dean of Faculty of Science (1997-1999, 2017-till now) and Chairman of Chemistry Department (2007-2011, 2015- 2017). He worked in many projects and most notably a joint project entitled “Building Competence in Epidemiology in Palestine” in the period 1995-2002. The project included many workshops, training courses, lectures, and scientific research published in several peer-reviewed journals. He spent 5 months in a sabbatical leave at Sabancɪ University/Turkey during the academic year 2010-2011 as part of Erasmus Mundus program supported by EU. He worked in the field of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. During the period 2012-2016 he represented Hebron University in a project entitled “Strengthening University-Enterprise Linkages in Palestine” or (STEP) supported by Tempus EU projects. His research main interests are: polymer chemistry, surface chemistry and occupational safety and work hygiene. He has 14 scientific publications including peer-reviewed book in the field of polymer chemistry (in Arabic).     

Office No.
S-103 A
+972 (2) 2220995 ex: 113
Hebron University, P.O.Box: 40, Hebron, West-Bank, Palestine.
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BSc. in Chemistry- Univesrity of Jordan-Jordan

MSc. in Polymer Chemistry. Middle East Technical University- Turkey

Ph.D. in Polymer Cemistry. Middle East Technical University-Turkey

Academic and Administrative Experience

Associated Prof. at Chemistry Department-Hebron University  

Chairman of Chemistry Department (2007-2011, 2015- 2017)

Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology (1997-1999, 2017-2022)






1-      Effect of Temperature and Sodium Chloride Addition on the Conductivity of Sodium (polystyrene sulfonate) Aqueous Solutions, Hebron University Research Journal-A (Natural Sciences). 11, 1, 45-63 (2022)

2-      Understanding the Adsorptive Removal of Bromophenol Blue Dye Based Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles as Adsorbent, Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies, online (2022)

3-      The cross-talk between lateral sheet dimensions of pristine graphene oxide nanoparticles and Ni2+ adsorption RSC Adv., 11, 11388-11397(2021)

4-      Surface tension of the oppositely charged sodium poly(styrene sulfonate) /benzyldimethylhexadecylammonium chloride and sodium poly(styrene sulfonate)/polyallylamine hydrochloride mixtures, Colloid and Polymer Science, 298,1197–1204 (2020)

5-      Surface Energy of Metal Alloy Nanoparticles. Applied Surface Science, 401:65-68(2017)

6-      Grafting of Nitrogen-containing Monomers onto Poly(ethylene-alt- tetrafluoroethylene) Films by Bulk Polymerization for Proton Exchange Membranes. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 308(3):1089-1094(2016)

7-      Empirical Relations for Calculating Selected Physical Properties of Pure Liquid Metals and Binary Liquid Alloys, Hebron University Research Journal (A), Vol.6: 1-17(2012)

8-      Model Calculation of the Surface Tension of Liquid Ga-Bi Alloy, Applied Surface Science, 257, 3577-3580(2011)

9-      Can Heavier Liquid Float on Top of Lighter One? Chin.Phys.Lett., Vol.28, No.1(2011)

10-      Solvent Exposures at Shoe Factories and Workshops in Hebron City, West Bank, Int. J. Occup. Envron. Health, Vol 7, No. 3, Jul/Sep (2001)

11-  Prevalence of Neuropsychiatric and Mucous Membrane Irritation Complains Among Palestinian Shoe Factory Workers Exposed to Organic Solvents and Plastic Compounds, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 40:192-198(2001)

12-  Prevalence of Self-Reported Health Complaints Among Shoe Workers of Small Workers of Small Workshop Exposed to Organic Solvents in Hebron, West Bank: A Cross-Sectional Survey, Med Lav, 91, 3: 206-216 (2000)

13-  A Mechanistic Study on the Stereoregular Polymerization of Propylene Oxide by the Pruitt-Bagget Catalyst, Polymer, 1518-1525(1994)

14- Studies on Modification of Some Flammability Characterization by Plasma, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2717-2725 (1991).

Research Interests

  • Polymer chemistry (synthesis and properties)
  • Proton exchange membranes 
  • Surfactants and surface chemistry
  • Occupational health

Research and Academic visits

Sabbatical leave at Sabancɪ University/Turkey during the academic year 2010-2011 for 5 oonthes as part of Erasmus Mundus program supported by EU

Courses Schedule

# Course No. Course Name Class No. Room Time
1 43105 General Chemistry Lab. (1) 2 o310 (13:50-11:00) الTue
2 43231 Organic Chemistry (1) 1 s101 (12:20-11:00) الMon,الWed
3 43232 Organic Chemistry (2) 1 s201 (14:20-13:00) الMon,الWed
4 43333 Organic Chemistry (3) 1 s101 (09:50-09:00) الSun,الTue,الThu
5 43342 Physical Chemistry (2) 1 s101 (12:15-11:00) الSun,الThu

Scientific Awards

Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research in the category of Natural, Engineering and Technological Sciences, for the year 2018