Dr. Ahmed Ayyad


Dr. Ahmed Ayyad

Head of Chemistry Department, Hebron University


Dr. Ahmed Ayyad obtained his B.Sc. From Alquds Universiyt in 1995. He obtained his master degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands in the year 1998. He then moved to Germany for his Ph.D degree. In 2002 he obtained his Ph.D in physical chemistry from the University of Karlsruhe. Right now Dr. Ayyad is working as a teaching staff at the University of Hebron since 2007. 

Office No.
+972 (2) 2220995
Hebron University, P.O.Box: 40, Hebron, West-Bank, Palestine.


1991-1995         B.Sc. in chemistry, minor: chemical technology, Jerusalem University, East Jerusalem.

1996-1998         M.Sc./drs. in physical chemistry, Leiden University, Institute for Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry, Gorlaeus Laboratories, Leiden, The Netherlands.

1998-2002         Ph.D.  in physical chemistry, magna cum laude, Karlsruhe University (TH), Institute for Physical and Electrochemistry (group: physical chemistry of condensed matter), Karlsruhe, Germany.

Academic and Administrative Experience

Post-doc, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Institute for Applied and Experimental Physics, Kiel, Germany, research group ’surfaces and interfaces’, Prof. Dr. Olaf Magnussen

Sept. 2003-2005: as an Alexander-von-Humboldt fellow (Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, Germany.

Jan 2019-now    Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, Hebron University.

2015-2017        Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, Hebron University.

2007-2015            Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry, Hebron University.




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Research Interests

-       Researcher in the field of Physical chemistry, theoretical and experimental (see publication list). Current research themes: effect of temperature on the adsorption of polyelectrolytes (cationic and anionic) at water-air and water-oil interfaces, surface energy of alloy nanoparticles, surface and interfacial properties of room temperature molten salts. Group leader. Conductivity of Polyelectrolytes Solutions 

Courses Schedule

# Course No. Course Name Class No. Room Time
1 43481 Special Topics in Chemistry 1 s101 (10:50-09:30) الMon,الWed
2 43495 Field Training 1 0000 (17:20-14:30) الMon
3 82212 Physical Pharmacy 2 h001 (09:00-08:00) الSun,الThu
4 82213 Physical Pharmacy Lab. 2 o310 (13:50-11:00) الThu
5 82213 Physical Pharmacy Lab. 5 o310 (13:50-11:00) الSun

Scientific Awards

Award from Hebron University excellence in teaching and learinging for the best idea on teaching methodology 2013

Zouhair Hijawi award for best scientific research publication in chemistry in 2019


Alexsander Von Humblot foundation: Postdocatoral Research fellowship 2004