Mr. Moammer Shaheen


Mr. Moammer Shaheen

Teaching Staff. Instructor, Hebron University

Office No.
+972 (2) 2220995
Hebron University, P.O.Box: 40, Hebron, West-Bank, Palestine.


Intensive course in Cancer Risk Assessment, City of Hope California & University of Chicago, USA 2016-2018
Intensive online course and training modules on most advanced cancer risk and gene mutation probability programs such as Maryiad, BODECIA, for familial and genetic 
cancer risk assessment, prevention, testing, and research followed by one year of residency in the program for practice and research and case presentations in genetic cancer
Examinations, training, and Canadian Board of Pharmacy Licensure, 2005-2008

Residency Program
Canadian Board of Pharmacy Toronto, On, Canada
Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) Studentship November 2005-2008
Six months of practice under supervision of a preceptor. I applied standards of practice in the different pharmacy practice competencies (pharmaceutical care, DRPs, information retrieval and dissemination, pharmacy management, drug distribution supervision, and patient education and counseling).

Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) Internship: June 2008
Four months of intensive mini- clinical rotations:
I ran deeper investigation of newer cases for the same studentship competencies. More liabilities and responsibilities where I had to pick up specific cases and follow up on them to resolve the problems and determine outcomes such as; Warfarin case, hypertension case, multiple drug cases (chronic patients use 3 or more drugs (MTM, DRP`s), and report all the interventions and their outcomes.

PhD Student / Researcher 2001-2003 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Medical Centre 

Master of Science: Basic Medical Sciences 1999
Wayne State University, School of Medicine Detroit, MI, USA

Bachelor of Science: Pharmacy 1996
University of Jordan Amman, Jordan

Academic and Administrative Experience

Lecturer & Former Acting Dean
Hebron University, 
Faculty of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine 01/2016- current
 Lecturer in Pharmacology I & II for 3
rd year medical students/school of medicine
 Pharmacokinetics (4th year students), Pharmacotherapy II (5th year)
 Pharmaceutical care (5th year), Drugs in Pregnancy & Lactation, OTC drugs
 As an acting dean: prepared the 2020 strategic plan for the faculty and the yearly 
plan, participated in course development and plan of courses updating
 Interviewing potential candidates for faculty staff , lab technicians and lab instructors
 All administrative and program preparations aspects for the upcoming semester

Lecturer for (pre-med) 4th year (Biology major) Students 09/2014 to 05/2014 
Al Quds – Honor Bard College
Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology (Pharma II):

Acting Chair of Pharm D program and Lecturer 08/2011 to 08/2014
BirZeit University Ramallah, West Bank
Teaching role:
Pharmacology I & II, Pharmacy Skills lab I, Medicinal Herbs and Phytopharmacy.
Introduction to pharmacy and calculations course.
Developmental and administrative roles:
Laboratory set up & manual preparation for Pharmacy Skills Lab I.
Logistic program support and strategic planning for the Pharm D program
Networking and communication link with leaders of clinical pharmacy educational programs.
Developed the strategic plan for the next 5 years as part of the university 5 year strategic plan
Re-evaluating the 6-year Pharm D curriculum, course load and training requirements with Professor Thomas
Payton, St. Louise College of Pharmacy, USA. 
Participate in the master program plan in Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology at Sameeh Darwaza Institute.


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    2012 Dec 31.

Research Interests

Clinical Pharmacy and practice

public health and medication-related epidemiology and public health

liver diseses

psychiatry and hevhioral psychiatry

Antibacterial and viral drug resistance


Womens, geriatric and pediatric health



Professional Memberships

1. Memebr of the Palestinian pharmacists association

2. memebr of the Canadian Pharmacists Associstion

3. Member of Ontatio College of Pharmacists since 2008-Canadian-Licnesed pharmacist

4. Memebr and co-founde rof Palestine Forum For Biomedical Research(PFMR)

5. Memebr of community of Practice for genetic and familail cancer risk assessment and and reseacrh-City of Hope California 

Scientific Awards

1. diabetic research grant form University of California-2002